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Receive Lances Lettergrams

These special emails come to you with different offerings at various times…


What will I get today?
To start our wonderful relationship, i’ll give you some of the 1st XYRE and Dancing Fingers music recordings that we ever did.

When does it start?
The builders and post birds over in Lance’s Land are busily preparing the exciting new postal service for around mid 2016.


How it works
Enter your name and email address to get news, art, gig info, mp3 downloads… and whatever else i can come up to keep your interest.

Different Sorts
Several types of Lettergrams exist,┬áDay Letters, Night Letters, Secret Letters… Rumors are heard that more types exist too.


How often?

lettergram-day-stampDay Letters –┬áRegular –┬ásent monthly with general info.
lettergram-night-stampNight Letters –┬áOccasional –┬ásent in the 2nd fortnight if there is anything to add for the month.
lettergram-secret-stampSecret Letters –┬áRare –┬ásent┬ásporadic and most likely come at any time once in a blue moon… containing secret video links and free downloads plus other things.

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For creative work… music… digital art… website development…
or give feeback… ask a question… and requests?

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Did You Know… Lance loves chocolate! ­čÖé